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30 Nov
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5 Eco-Friendly & Creative Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas

A creative christmas wrapped gifts is one of the most magical sights of the season, A gift can produce a much greater joy if is packed super nice. Nothing makes a present more special than pretty gift wrapping. Here are 5 ways to make this year's Christmas gift wrapping a little greener.

#1 Homemade Wrapping Paper Gift

Create simple yet elegant holiday gifts with this homemade wrapping paper and gift decoration craft project. Homemade wrapping method that uses different colors make a unique holiday gifts. Paper bags and newspaper looked so sweet.

Homemade Wrapping Paper Gift

#2 Fabric Gift Wrap

If you don't want to deal with wrapping techniques but like the idea of cloth gift wrap, you can use fabric bags for your gifts. Treat these juts like you would paper gift bags. You can really use any flat-bottomed tote that's the right size for this method, or you can make your own.

Christmas Fabric Gift Wrap

#3 Vintage Gift Wrap

Vintage gift wrap is sort of a compromise between reusable and disposable – chances are, it's still headed to the recycling center after the gift's unwrapped, but at least you didn't buy new. Easy to find and work with, vintage and repurposed papers add pop to presents. Layer several colors and textures, or add vintage beads for a finished look. To make this easier, go easy on the tape when you're using vintage gift wrap.

Christmas Vintage Gift Wrap

#4 Nature Gift Wrap

DIY green gift wrap for the Holidays, creates these eco-friendly wrap ideas using flowers and leaves. You will find it is very unique Christmas gifts package.

Nature Gift Wrap for Christmas

#5 Reusable Containers Gift Wrap

It's so much fun shopping for containers that can become part of your gift! Many years ago, my mother-in-law gave me a present in a pretty, square yellow tin. I have no idea what the present was, but that tin still sits on my desk holding office supplies, and I think about her every time I see it.

Reusable Containers Gift Wrap

Here are a few ideas for reusable containers to wrap your gifts:

  • mugs
  • baskets
  • Altoids tins
  • mason jars
  • metal tins or buckets
  • cookie jars

Do you have any eco-friendly but creative gift wrap planned for this holiday season? I'd love to hear your ideas!

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