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23 Jan
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6 Elegant Trendy Plus Size Prom Wear for Teen Girls

As we all said, Prom Season, being a big deal for every girl, is probably the most elaborate and most anticipated event. As a plus size girl, at prom, you also can be the star of prom night. Here are some elegant trendy prom dresses for plus size girls flatter every figure at the prom night.

Trendy Plus Size Prom Dresses for Prom

Trend #1: Little Black Dress

Little black dress is a beautiful plus size outfit for young ladies which is not only sexy in look but also is stylish. A sweet little black dress, complete with a tulle-lined circle skirt and strapless corset bodice, gets a touch of trendiness with the shiny expose size zipper. Little black dress is super stylish and super sexy dress for teens which always reflects its wearer personality as a super sexy teenage girl.

Sweet Little Black Plus Size Dress For Prom

Trend #2: Tulle Ball Gown Prom Dress

Tulle ball gown prom dress is a traditional prom outfit which can make you to feel like a princess. This is a perfect gown for young girls who want to have a distinct look. This is a trendy prom wear which highlights sense of style for different celebrations.

Vintage Ball Gown Sweetheart Beading Sleeveless Floor-length Net Prom Dresses

Trend #3: Prom Dress With Ruffles

Ruffles are another add-on to the gown which will hide your problem areas. Wherever you feel that your heavy body parts are looking unattractive, you can add a trim of ruffles to add a little and cover the unattractive area. Make sure you do not go for something really short. If you have heavy legs, then it will be hidden under the fabric as it is floor length. Remember that heavy legs do not have to be shown off as it might get a little distasteful. All this kept in mind will make you look trimmer and beautiful. Make sure you choose dark colors to look slim.

Plus Size Ruffle One Shoulder Prom Dress

Trend #4: Sexy Prom Dress with a Belt

This is also a wonderful gown for teen girls for those who want to look different and a few pounds less. Go for a prom dress that fits you well – something like a short body hugging dress and pair it up with a belt on the waist. Make sure the dress fits you snuggly around your waist so that you can wear the belt and creates an illusion of a smaller waist. Go for tea-length dresses or straight-cut dresses as that will make you look slimmer. As for the sleeves, you can always go a full sleeves dress. Full sleeves are very much in style these days if you pair it up with right accessories and shoes. You will see a lot of women wearing full sleeves dresses these days. So, go for a dress with a belt as that will look really fashionable.

A-line Strapless Beading Sleeveless Floor-length Organza Prom Dresses

Trend #5: Knee-Length Prom Dresses

You need to understand your body in order to look good. Girls who have a fuller figure may look short than a skinny girl. You should wear knee-length dresses in order to look a little taller. If you have got the legs, then show it off girls! There is no harm in showing off your assets. You can always pair up your knee length prom dress with a nice pair of heels which will be comfy as well as sexy. As for the sleeves, you can go sleeveless if you do not have sagging arms.This will help you to hide your heavy arms and will also add grace to your prom dress. Always choose dark colors because that will make you look slimmer. Colors such as black and deep blue are always a hit among plus size girls.

v neckline sleeve knee length plus size prom dress

Trend #6: Empire Waist Prom Dresses

The A-line dresses too are popular as they are similar to an empire waist and are tailor-made to hide the belly area. So, if you have a protruding belly you might as well go for an empire waist prom dress. The whole idea of it is be tight on the bust area and then flowing from there on which gives a very elegant look.

A-line One Shoulder Beading Sleeveless Floor-length Organza Prom Dresses

These are the trendy plus size dresses for prom which highlight sense of style and delivers charm to the occasion. Make sure you carry a pretty smile and lots of confidence. Its prom night, girls – it is YOUR day. Have fun!

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