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5 Dec
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6 Top Fun & Unique New Year’s Eve Theme Party Ideas

If you want to have a party this December 31st, consider having a New Year's Eve theme party with co-workers, friends and family. There are so many fun and unique New Year's Eve party themes that you can use to make any party, big or small, a great time.

Top1: A White New Year's Eve Party

It's wintertime and in a wide variety of regions there is a lot of snow so why not celebrate with an all white New Year's Eve party. Make sure all of your party streamers, hats, confetti, and even finger foods have a white theme. You can also have white balloon all over. You can even center on snow and skiing or snow and snowboarding. Also be sure to set out vases of pure white flowers. The idea is endless when you utilize snow as the theme to your New Year's Eve party.

A White New Year's Eve Party

Top2: Elegant Decoration New Year's Eve Party

If you are planning to throw a party New Year's Eve together, make the holiday decoration as festive as possible. Determine the new year's eve party theme you want. For each theme decor, be it a luxurious, elegant, formal, casual or colorful, it's will determine the impression of a new year party an unforgettable in year round. The more unique you doing New Year's decorations, the guests will not be disappointed celebrate the new year with you. Happy New Year 2013 !

Elegant Decoration New Year's Eve Party

Top3: Fireworks New Year Eve Party

Many people like to make New Year's Eve an event similar to the 4th of July. They will even buy fireworks at year round fireworks stands. So why not celebrate your party with a fireworks theme and then at midnight you can launch your own exploding display.

Fireworks New Year's Eve Party

Top4: Glow In The Dark Party

Just purchase glow sticks, bracelets, necklaces, or even eyeglasses to hand out to guests. As you decorate, consider using fiber optic lights to add a bit of color to your party. Did you know that tonic water also glows under black lights? Try making ice cubes or jello molds with tonic water for a glowing food and drink display. The electrifying mood created by the black light effect is perfect for a party on a night filled with anticipation.

Glow In The Dark Party

Top5: Interesting New Year's Party Games

Whether you are hosting a New Year's Eve party or just attending one, you should know a few simple party games. Party games provide a fun activity for a party. They can also help a diverse assemblage of guests to get to know each other. If you want to throw a formal event, however, take your game night theme up a notch with a fancy casino party. Ask guests to dress up a bit and play poker, black jack, or other card games.

Interesting New Year's party games

Top6: Masquerade New Year Party

Why not have an official masquerade party? Everyone can wear a mask or dress in a costume. These are always fun themes that most people enjoy. The ideas are endless when it comes to a good fashioned masquerade party for New Year.

Masquerade New Year Party

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