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29 Aug
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Choosing the Right Shoes to Match Your Bridesmaid Dresses

Bridesmaid shoes are indeed part of the fashion sense of modern day weddings. This is why specialized or customized shoes now abound in many bridal stores and boutiques both online and even in malls and department stores around the block. Not only the brides must look at her best for the special occasion but all the ladies in the entourage as well should have the perfect match for their gown and footwear.

gray bridesmaids dresses and pink shoes

With bridesmaid shoes now becoming more and more popular, brides and her bridesmaid no longer have the hard time looking for the perfect shoes to match their dress for the special event. It is not also hard to find the perfect matches. Shoes are accessories but not such a small detail as to be about an easy task. They should match with the style of the bridesmaid dress, with the event type and many others elements.Here you have some pieces of advice.

red bridesmaid shoes

#1. Before you and your bridesmaids even get to the shoe store you and your bridesmaids need to discuss what types of shoes they are able to walk in. If all of your bridesmaids are confident that they can wear a pair of heels without falling, you should seriously consider getting stilettos. The long thin stiletto heel will add elegance to your wedding.

yellow bridesmaid shoes

#2. One important thing to remember in choosing the right bridesmaid shoes to match your gown is of course the color combination. If the bridesmaid's gown is of a darker tone then a lighter shade of more or less same color shoes would surely be a perfect match. Neutral coloured shoes are always a good choice. Beige works well with dark, bold colours such as maroons, burgundys, browns and rusts. Ivorys, silvers and very light beiges are an ideal choice for pastel colours. Another way to select shoes that look great with dark coloured bridesmaid dresses is to look for shoes that are one or two shades lighter that the colour of the bridesmaid dresses.(Cilck here to see the colorful bridesmaid dresses.)

pink bridesmaid shoes

#3. Bridesmaids shoes have to have as reference the wedding type. If it is an informal one, in the backyard garden as location than it can be about low heel sandals. If it is a classy wedding, a sober, formal one then high heels, embellishments power.

#4. Should bridesmaids shoes be all alike? Like in the bridesmaid dresses case, it is up to you. The main pattern chosen has to be the same idea, but adapted to each one's case. If it is about a short statue height bridesmaid high heels are needed so like to create a proportional view of all of them gathered those taller should have lower heels.

bridesmaid shoes

#5. Also at the heels aspect the bridesmaids shoes chosen should be of a moderate height. Take into consideration that they have to be near the bride almost all the time and mostly at the religious ceremony. Plus they are in charge with many of the wedding tasks so little will they resist on heels. To exclude needing and having a second pair of shoes as alternative at a time when they cannot support anymore the heels, another expense, choose what most comfortable shoes are.

Remember that the most important thing about your bridesmaids' shoes is that they should be comfortable to wear. To help preserve the health of their bridesmaids' feet, some brides choose to have two different pairs of bridesmaids' shoes, one fashionable pair for the ceremony and photos and another pair for the wedding reception.

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