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26 Dec
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Fashionable Winter Gloves for Teen Girls & Women Trendy 2012-2013

For a long time, gloves functioned only as simple important anti-cold measures, but looking at recent fashion shows, we can see that gloves have been important accessories of many outfits. Wool is a popular fabric in winter because it provides the ultimate comfort and coziness; simple wool gloves look fashionable in trending colors. Popular colors for winter 2013 are reds, whites, and bold hues. Regarding the fabrics, leather and wool are the most popular materials, and in terms of style, fingerless gloves promise to rock this winter! Here are the most fashionable trends in gloves for winter 2013.

Fingerless gloves are great for keeping your hands and wrists warm in cool weather. This glove is cut off at the first knuckle of the hand with either a raw or hemmed edge. These provide the least warmth, but the most functionality for your hands. Let's look at some fashionable fingerless gloves knitting pattern:

Knit Crochet mittens fingerless glovesPink Fingerless Gloves HandmadeCute Fingerless Gloves Long Corset Arm Warmers Handknit in Dark TurquoiseDark red long hand knit pattern fingerless glovesColorful Fingerless Gloves TrendAgate Green Fingerless GlovesRed Fingerless Gloves With Heart ShapeWomen's Arm Warmers Braided Kint Arm Warmer Fingerless GlovesBlue Fingerless GlovesWhite Fingerless GlovesBrick Red Fingerless GlovesCute Red Fingerless Winter Gloves

Mittens have no "fingers," but are often considered gloves too. Mittens provide extra warmth by keeping the fingers close together allowing them to share their heat. The drawback of a mitten is that you have limited use of your hands because the fingers are not separate. A mitten can have interior insulation by being stuffed with cotton, like an inexpensive glove. Often times they have insulation in the form of faux or real fur or sherpa on the interior that allows for your hands to have a soft, cozy texture inside.

cute fashion gloves hearts mittenscute red gloves for girlsfunny chunky crochet lamb sheep mittens animal puppet glovesBee Mittens - Teens Cozy Blue Gloveshands snow heart pink mittensfashionable wool mittens for teen girlsFashionable Warm MittensWarm Red Knitted GlovesKung Fu Panda Mittens GlovesHandmade Women Rainbow Mittens GlovesGreen Yellow Creamy Beige Knitted Women Mittens Glovesworsted mitten main winter gloves

Leather gloves is one of the most popular trends this winter, from leather apparel such as jackets, pants, and dresses to leather accessories such as gloves and jewelry. Another reason for you to invest in leather items is that they will stay with you for more than one season since this material is always fashionable and long lasting.

Winter Womens Gloves Wrist Length Leather Polyester FingerLeather Wrist Length Blackcoolest leather heart cut-out glovesPink Leather Gloves Red Leather Glovesfingerless leather glovesleather fingerless gloves

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