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7 Jan
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For Valentine’s Day: Breathtaking Pictures of Hearts and Roses

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so, it’s time to get in the right mood, and that is the romantic mood. Valentine’s Day or Saint Valentine’s Day is a wonderful annual holiday held on February 14 celebrating love and a fun event for kids and family. February is commonly known to be the month of love around the world. Since Valentines Day is celebrated during this month, the colour red is a popular theme in this days. Shops and Restaurants are decorated with hearts, cupids, red flowers when February starts in order to keep in line with the theme of love.

Cupids with Flowers Heart

In fact, when it comes to love, roses are the only flowers which are very popular. Roses are gifted on valentine’s day in various forms. the most popular form is a bouquet. Generally, red roses are gifted, but, bouquets made of various other colors like pink, yellow and orange are also popular. some like to have rare colors like blue roses. Hearts and roses are also very popular when it comes to gifts. Enjoy these breatheaking pictures which have hearts and roses together signifying the special day. Happy Valentines Day!

Natural heart of roses

A natural rose heart setting the mood of love in the lap of nature.

just bloomed new heart roseNatural Heart Of Red Roses

Heart pendant with rose

Heart pendant with roseRomantic Valentine  Pink Rose Bouquet & Heart Pendant

This is a beautiful heart-shaped pendant and has a rose carved on it. It is placed on a branch in the picture.

Rose heart

Mix Roses combination into a heart

A mix of pink, orange and red colored roses arranged in the form of a heart against a black background look awesome.

Blooming buds

Pink Roses combination into a heart

The heart is pink roses combination into a heart and the roses are in the form of buds and yet to bloom.

Big heart of roses

a large bouquet of 999 pieces of roses

Here is a picture of big heart filled with lots and lots of red roses. This is a gift for a new-found love. A large bouquet of 999 pieces signify forever. ( If you want to know more about different valentine flowers meanings and symbols, please click here.)

Roses wreath

Red Rose Heart Wreath

In this picture, a heart is made out of the sticks. It is decorated by red roses and some creepers.

Heart roses on car

car decorated with hearts roses

A beautiful bouquet of red roses is put on the car. This signifies a trip the love birds are heading for.

Beautiful heart

Leaf Heart With Red Rose

Here is a lovely heart-shaped leaf with roses. It feels relaxing and calm to combine two roses on the soft leaf.

String heart

String Heart And Pink Roses

This picture has two pink roses connected by a golden string to form a heart. There is also a picture of the girl and a boy.

Heart of rose petals

rose petals heartvalentine's day pink heart roses petals

Here is a heart of made out of rose petals and a rose is placed in the center of the heart. This is a nice way to confess love to the person you love.

Rose bouquet

wonderful bouquet of roses heart

This is wonderful bouquet of rose with different colored roses like yellow, orange and red. The various shades of these colors gives the bouquet a vibrant look.

Dried roses

Dried heart roses petals

Dried roses also can make heart for valentine.

Hearts Valentines gift

Cut Glass Rose On Heart With Base for valentinevalentine gift - Heart Promise Rings with roses

Heart valentines gift is the romantic gift on which lovers express their love for each other.

Rose heart

Heart of rose petals

Here is a picture of heart made out of rose petals. It looks very beautiful.

Rose heart combine

two love heart with roses petals

Here is a great combination of a simple red colored rose petals and a heart. The two heart is meaning togetherness.

Love with red rose

Love with red rose

A heart drawn with chalk on the road and adorned with rose petals. This is surely done by a teenager.

Rose cupid arrow

Rose Cupid Arrow

A heart shaped red roses petals with a red rose looks very pretty. This si great gift for your loved one.

Heart roses with candle

Valentine Roses With Candlespink roses with candles for valentine

This is great flower arrangement of heart roses with candle. The candle combine with roses is the most romantic for valentine.

Rose with love

Valentine Roses With Green Leaves

Here is a bouquet of white roses arranged in the shape of a heart with a green colored paper on the background.

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