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28 Aug
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Groomsmen and Their Important Duties

In ancient times, Groomsmen were essentially the groom's bodyguards, so the groomsmen duties were to ensure nothing happened to prevent the groom from taking his rightful place next to his bride.

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Today, the groomsmen duties tend to be a little less dangerous and are generally restricted to helping the best man organise the stag party and ensuring the groom isn't inebriated and handcuffed to any outbound train. As a rough groomsmen guide – be prepared for photo-opportunites and try to help the groom and best man on the wedding day.

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As the groom, there are not many duties that you traditionally have outside helping your wife with the more general decisions of wedding planning; however, you do still have duties that you need to execute on your own. The first is picking your best man and groomsmen. These are men who are close friends and family members are important people in your lives. Most of your personal duties will revolve around these guys. This article will help you know what these duties are and give you some helpful suggestions along the way.

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  • The first of the best man responsibilities that needs to be taken care of is to begin planning the bachelor party. The best man is the planner and point person for the entire event. If a trip is being planned, the best man goes over the details with the groom prior to making reservations. The trip could backfire if the groom is asked to do anything or go anywhere that he doesn't feel comfortable with.
  • The best man should prepare at least one speech for the bachelor party. This speech can be more of a casual toast congratulating the groom and is also a prime opportunity for him to tell stories about the groom that may not be appropriate for the wedding reception.
  • Prior to the wedding the best man should be a pillar of support for the groom. He should be available to take care of any errands that the groom needs help with such as picking up the groom's tuxedo, or helping him with the essentials needed for his honeymoon.
  • He is expected to make the first speech at the rehearsal dinner.


During the Wedding

At the wedding, it's the groomsman's responsibility to greet the guests and have them seated in the pews. If there are special seats reserved, he needs to make sure people for whom those seats are reserved are only made to sit there. Thus, ushering is also part of the groomsman's responsibility. In Christian ceremonies the bride's side sits on the right and groom's on the left. Thus, he should ask the guests which side they belong to before having them seated. People on wheelchairs or walkers must be guided sensitively. During the wedding ceremony, the groomsman has to stand next to the groom and cater to any immediate need that arises.

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After the Wedding Reception

  • Make sure transportation is ready for the couple to head off on their honeymoon.
  • Help load and transport wedding gifts.
  • Collect all rented tuxedos (and later return them).
  • Be on hand to help with anything else that needs to be done before the last person leaves the facility.
  • Offer your assistance to the bride's and groom's parents at all times.
  • For those who provided services at the reception (like the DJ, caterer, etc), make sure they're paid (or tipped) at the end of the evening.

The groomsmen roles are taken highly. With the help of the groomsmen, the wedding is bound to be successful. Congratulations to all the groomsmen. You made the honorable cut. Your resources, thoughts, plans, and decisions are vital to the success of the wedding.During the reception you might have to dance with the bridesmaids or single women. Well, isn't what you are looking for?

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