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13 Nov
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Guide to Prepare for Cyber Monday Shopping

If you're tired of fighting the crowds on Black Friday, stay home this year and shop on Cyber Monday. And If you miss the biggest shopping on Black Friday, luckily Cyber Monday makes many of those missed opportunities and deals just a click away. Here are a few guide to prepare for Cyber Monday shopping:

Woman Shopping Online Holidays Cyber Monday

Make a list

It keeps you on track and prevents unnecessary impulse buys. As with Black Friday, many merchants announce their online offers well in advance. Sites such as our Merledress have a series of promotion available. We also have special coupon codes available. Please pay attention to us or contact us.


  • On Cyber Monday to research the cost of the items you're looking for and save yourself the trouble of visiting a bunch of websites.
  • Hunt for the deepest discounts. Shopping online on Cyber Monday means you could find items for half off or more.
  • Find somewhere that offers free shipping. This is a common promotion on Cyber Monday to entice shoppers to buy. If you look hard enough, you will likely find free or at least reduced shipping.
  • Buy one get one free coupons. If you find a buy one get one free deal, you will end up with two of the item for the price of one. The second item can be a nice gift for someone else or a treat for you.
  • Check the retailer's website before you make a purchase. While shopping websites are up to date, verify that a deal hasn't changed within the last hour or two.

Thoroughly review return policies

cyber monday online holiday shoppingMost return and refund policy in the brick and mortar retailers clearly.However, this is often not the case site.Some people are very convenient return policy, while others have no return policy in all.If you buy a site with no return policy, basically you before you buy both.By reading the fine print to know exactly what you are getting into before you complete your purchase.

Get up early or stay up late

Cyber Monday donesn't start at 9:00 a.m. – it beginning at midnight. Like black Friday door buster deals, many cyber Monday deals will be in limited supply. In addition, find out the time zones, each store you want to buy.

Set a budget and focus

Shopping online can be very similar to local shopping. In any case, the retailer will induce you to buy items and beyond what is on your list, your budget can handle. Let your gift giving list before you connect to the Internet, and make clear the budget.

Your budget is not strictly – you can build a budget.Setting a lower limit, you still do not exceed, and an upper limit, you absolutely can't go.This will give you more flexibility, when you choose to buy, make it easier to stay on track.

Tips & Warnings

  1. Always check the final price of the purchase before you buy. Confirm that the cost of the item plus any shipping fees is actually the lowest total price available.
  2. Many Cyber Monday shoppers use their computer at work to shop. If you are planning to do this, ensure you won't get into trouble at work.
  3. Purchase your items from reputable retailers. If you are not sure about a company or the deal sounds too good to be true, go somewhere else.
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