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24 Oct
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Hairstyles for Traditional Chinese Dress

Long ago, when a Chinese girl married, her parents were thought to be giving away all his body parts, including her hair and was therefore not the right cut. Although this belief is no longer in practice, brides still wear traditional costumes such as the Chinese women's cheongsam – also known as mandarin gown – for weddings (click here to Know More About Traditional Chinese Marriage) and special occasions, and hairstyles to match. Traditionally, Chinese wives with long hair and wear clothing from the face.

braided updo for cheongsam
Braided Updo
Decorated chopsticks or hair sticks that measure six inches or more best accentuate the braided updo. To create this distinctive look, make two simple braids halfway toward the back of the head and secure the ends with hair ties that are as close together as possible. Horizontally sliding a hair stick or wand with two loose braids. From the ends, to the two braids and go under the stick while providing each of the braids in the side of the stick and then to the top of the head. Cross the two braids once again, bringing the entire length in excess under the stick. With a second hairpin, push it through the upper outer braid and weave diagonally from the center of the head to the bottom exterior braid. Finally, tuck the ends under with hairpins.

Updo With Accessories for cheongsams

Updo With Accessories

Not only tissue cheongsams elegant and made from the finest silks and delicate embroidery, but the hair styles were just as complex and idiosyncratic. Traditionally, Chinese hairstyles have been designed to cover a woman's temples and frame her face. Sometimes, her long hair was wrapped up in a bun on top of his head. These rolls have been given names such as "gods-looking bread," "cloud of bread" and "double discount low bun." Some hairstyles were plaited and then hung on the shoulders, while others were swollen like clouds and had delicate bands. People with less money used paper decorations for the hair accessories. Other accessories included combs and pins made from jewelry such as gold jade, pearl and sometimes. The Modern versions of these accessories may vary from hair accessories made from Swarovski crystals, silk flowers or sticks or hair sticks in a variety of different colors.

Low, tight bun hairstyle for gold cheongsam

Low Tight Bun

Low, tight bun hairstyle is the most common hair accompany cheongsam, and it is easy to create. To do this look at the back of the hair in the back of the head brush into a smooth ponytail, and ensure that it is with a hair tie. Wind into a bun of hair at the same time to ensure that it is in the hairpin place. In order to maintain a neat appearance, apply to hair gel. Low, tightly tied into a bun is a basic and general hair, the perfect complement to a closer fit and slim figure, such as the cheongsam dress. Formal bun hairstyle also carried out smoothly, such as the wearing of shoulder and strapless dresses, cut and style.

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