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How to Dress on a Prom Ball? (High School Standards)

By the influence of the star's dress up, the campus party prom dresses become more and more broadness, in order to avoid let the tearful girls refused on the big night, many middle school established dress standards, and made ​​public in advance.

This kind of coral dress, upper body decorated with small beads, is long enough and accepted by the majority of high school. This dress is on hot sale at with the price of $169.

small round pearl decoration full coral dress

Prom dress styles have gotten increasingly broadness in recent years, a trend precipitated by celebrities. This popular style is similar to dresses the actress Angelina Jolie wore at this year's Oscars.

Silver Sequin Prom Gown

Some high school published the dress standards before prom, usually with pictures to explain. The principal of Cedartown High School in Georgia made a poster stating an acceptable dress list to the school. All the dresses beyond this list will be rejected.

high school prom dressing standard for students

Some high schools release elaborate PowerPoint with annotated images. Such as this one from Texas Sunnyvale high school, it shows the largest back-skin bareness should be.

high school unacceptable prom dresses

This strapless dress with a high-low hemline is one of the most popular styles at But its short dress hemline and deep-v neckline does not comply with the most school standards.

strapless dress with a high-low hemline

Some prom dresses can be accepted by school depending on the girl's body figure. This kind of prom dress with metal sequins is also the high-low style at Merle™ Dress. This dress ($129) may be approved by most schools cos' the length between hemline an knee is no more than three inches (7.6 cm).

red prom dress

It is a big problem on how to make the dress standards. The following dress is also popular at Both the front & back is long enough, but many schools still forbid it because of hollowed-out design for the chest.

sexy prom dresses

Some standards made by high schools before has been forced to change due to the growing popularity of short dresses. They have to remake the measurement between hemline and knee. The following is one of the best-selling short prom dresses for girls ($169).

short prom dress for students

For its back and side full-cover design, this kind of one-shoulder prom dress is accepted & recommended by most high schools. The present price of this dress at is $169 with free shipping.

one shoulder prom dress

All the dresses above are in 2013 new styles & new model at Please contact [email protected] to get more detailed information (attaching this blog post link to inquiry).

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