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26 Mar
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Ideas for Three-Tier Wedding Cakes

Bride and Groom Cutting the Three Tier Wedding CakeA beautiful 3-tier wedding cake that is perfect for a small and intimate wedding. You can make your own three-tier wedding cake with basic baking ingredients and supplies. Traditionally, the bride and groom save the top, the smallest layer, to eat on their one-year anniversary, while the bottom two layers are cut and served to the wedding guests. The follow is the ideas for three-tier wedding cakes.

Square vs. Round

The bottom two tiers of a round three-tiered cake should be able to serve between 81 to 156 people. If you want to serve more people without adding a tier, consider a square cake. You can also choose oval, hexagon or heart-shaped cakes. You can even combine several different shapes. For example, you could have a square bottom layer, a hexagonal second layer and a round top layer.

Pillars and Fountains

You can add height and make the cake more imposing by balancing the layers on pillars. You can use pillars between all layers or only for the top layer. Fill the space between the layers with a decoration of flowers or fruit. Or add a fountain to your cake. Small water fountains made especially for wedding cakes can sit between pillars or on the cake itself. Tint the water with food coloring to match your wedding colors.

Cupcakes and Cake

For a different take on a three-tiered cake, have a traditional round top layer and two bottom "layers" of cupcakes. Use a tiered cake stand or cupcake stand to arrange the cupcakes and cake layer. Mini cupcakes are easy to serve and, if you bake or buy them and decorate them yourself, can cost less than a multitiered cake. (See more information: Mini Wedding Cakes Add Spark to Your Wedding Decor)

Fake It

ribbon roses three tier wedding cakeIf you want the look of a three-tiered cake but your guest list isn't large enough to justify the expense, you can choose for a false bottom or middle layer. This layer is fashioned from foam and frosted with real frosting so that it's indistinguishable from the real thing. You'll have the big, stunning cake you want for pictures but won't have to spend as much money. Unless you tell them, the guests will never know one of the layers was fake.


Decorating a three-tiered cake is not much different from decorating any other kind of tiered cake. A three-tiered cake give you a good amount of vertical height while still remaining sturdy. You can use plain ribbon-wrapped or floral decorate this type of cake in an manner you choose. Decorate yours to fit the wedding occasion.

Three Flavors

Can't decide what flavor to use in your cake? Want to offer your guests more choices? Make each tier a different flavor or have a different flavor of filling in each tier. You can also vary the shade or frosting for each tier. For instance, if purple is one of your wedding colors, you could frost your cake in graduated shades of purple, from light purple to violet shades.

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