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14 Jan

Mini Wedding Cakes Add Spark to Your Wedding Decor

Mini cakes are so adorable, have become a hot new trend, it is usual that brides prefer to replace the traditional large wedding cake with just one flavor. Mini cakes give your wedding guests the option of several different flavors and designs to choose from, you can have them in a tired cake display or you can also use your mini cakes as favors at your reception, it will add another element of design to your reception and fun way to welcome the guests at your event!

black white mini wedding cake

Because of their small size, mini cakes are a lot easier to manage, making it a fun and easy DIY project if you decide to break out the oven mitts and whip up your very own miniature cakes. And, why not make each cake a little different while still coinciding with the rest of your wedding theme? Read on further and unravel the wonderful world of mini wedding cakes.

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Stylish mini-wedding cake wih bowNow, let's get to the tips on how to use them creatively on the big day:

  • Use them as wedding favors and sent your guest home with a sweet treat from your nuptials
  • Decorate your dessert bar with some no-so-small cakes. Besides the fact that they would look super-cute and would add dimension to your sweets bar, they can also give you the opportunity to present your guest with more than one cake flavor.
  • Double the purpose of your wedding mini cakes and place one or two of them on each of your guest table along with the centerpieces. They would bring more texture to your decor and give you another way to showcase your wedding theme and/or colors.
  • You may also want to consider welcoming your guest with a mini-cake in each place setting.
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