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17 Jan
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Holiday Notice of Spring Festival 2013

Chinese New Year, known as 'Spring Festival', is the most important traditional holiday in China. We have a New Year Holiday from 2013-1-31 CST to 2013-2-17 CST. All the orders between 2013-1-23 CST and 2013-2-17 CST will be not tailored & delayed for 26 days, while orders before 2013-1-22 CST can be tailored and delivered on time. You are not suggested to place the order at our site if your event is before March. If your event date is after March, the tailoring time is enough.

For our apology about this delay, we make a compensation for it (ONLY for dresses): 2-day delay for additional 1 dollar off. For example: if you place the order on 2013-1-23 CST, you will get additional $13 off; on 2013-1-25 CST, additional $12 off, et cetera.

All the time is based on CST (China Standard Time, UTC+8)
Additional dollars off will be sent to your credit card or paypal after you receive the dress.
If you choose 8-9 days rush order on 2013-1-23 CST, you will receive it before 2013-2-26 CST (2013-2-17 + 9 DAYS) & get additional $13 off.

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