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22 Feb
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Personalized Napkin Folding Ideas for Weddings

A beautifully folded napkin can dress up any tablescape. So if you're wedding budget isn't conducive to extravagant and costly centerpieces, consider having your dinner napkins folded in a unique or special way.

Bow tie napkin fold. Perfect for a charming and preppy wedding.

Bow tie napkin fold

  • Fold the two halves of the napkin to meet in the middle.
  • Fold it again, making a long strip.
  • Fold the ends in and overlap them an inch.
  • Tie a piece of ribbon around the middle and turn the bow around.

Heart napkin fold for you romantic couples out there. Perfect for a February wedding or a 'Love' themed wedding.

Heart napkin fold for wedding

  • Fold a napkin into thirds with the edges tucked inside. Iron the rectangle flat.
  • The rectangle turns into a heart by folding the rectangle in half to create a pointed end.
  • Tuck the top two corners of each edge to turn it into a heart, then iron it again.
  • Put the napkin in the center of each plate and place a small decoration or place card on top.

Three pocket napkin fold is great for any wedding theme or style. Slip your menu in one of the pockets.

Three pocket napkin fold

Modern napkin fold is great for you couples who want something different. Stick the menu or the place card between the fold to add and extra pop.

Bunny napkin foldsModern napkin fold

Single pocket napkin fold is very easy and popular; this is one way to show a single pocket napkin fold. It's simple and elegant and can fit any wedding style. This image shows the seating card, you can also place the menu inside the pocket or atop the napkin. Add a flower for extra charm.

Single pocket napkin fold

  • Place the open napkin in front of you
  • Fold the edge nearest to you to meet the top edge
  • Fold the right edge to the left edge of the napkin
  • The right side is the closed side of the napkin.
  • Fold the left top corner of the upper layer down to the right bottom side.
  • Turn around the napkin and fold the upper right corner to the center.
  • Fold the bottom left corner to the center of the napkin
  • Ready is your pocket napkin folding

Take a look at these different napkin folds. Great for a beach themed wedding or any wedding to add an extra twist.

beach themed table setting napkin folding

Pinwheel napkin folds are great for a fun wedding! Pinwheels are a very popular in weddings these days. We've even seen pinwheel bouquets and boutonnieres!

Pinwheel napkin folds

The rosette napkin fold is a cute way to show off a napkin. Do you have roses for your centerpieces or in the wedding? Give every guest a rose-a rose napkin, that is.

rosette napkin fold

The wedding napkin knot is the best place to shop for wedding garden party.

wedding napkin knot

  • Place the open napkin in front of you.
  • Fold the napkin diagonally in the middle to a triangle.
  • Turn the peak down and roll the napkin from the bottom to the top.
  • Make a knot in the middle of the knot.
  • Decorate the napkin with flowers or other materials.

Transform a plain cloth napkin into table décor using a candle fold. Use a simple technique to make a napkin look like a taper candle. Creating candle-inspired napkins is ideal for wedding receptions, anniversary parties and other celebratory events.

candle-inspired napkins
  • Fold napkin in half diagonally forming a triangle.
  • Fold one-fourth of the base edges of napkin up forming a cuff.
  • Turn napkin over. Carefully roll left to right.
  • Tuck the remaining corner inside the cuff to hold the Candle firm.
  • Position the Candle with the highest point of the napkin facing you.
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