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6 Mar
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Prom Nail Art Ideas To Match Your Prom Dress

Stunning prom nails are ultimate accessories and when it comes to a prom, they become a necessary. A pretty girl with a dazzling dress at a prom night should even have nails got-up well. No matter your gown's hue, here you can found the perfect polish to compliment your look.

prom girl show her nail art

# White Prom Dresses

With a white dress, go for a classic, or fun look with a bright red or coral color nails. Or get funky with a bright aqua!

prom nails for white prom dresses

# Black Prom Dresses

If you're wearing a dark, neutral color like black, navy, or gray, try cream opaques. You can also layer sheer metallics with a dark creme for a cool affect. Or, With a black dress, wear intense flashes of color to accessorize! Subdued makeup with bright red nails and red lips is always a classic look.

prom nails for black prom dresses

# Pastel Prom Dresses

Offset your pretty pastel dress with a bold, creamy color nail polish.

prom nails for pastel prom dresses

# Graphic Prom Dresses

If you are planning a floral dress, then you don't want to be to 'cutesy' in other areas like make up and nails. Offset the softness and sweetness of a floral dress with a dramatic, high-octane colour like a vampy blackish-burgundy. Animal prints are a huge trend, and a glamorous way to spend prom. Try something fun and off beat – maybe something glittery!

prom nails for graphic prom dresses

# Pink/Peach Prom Dresses

With a pink/peachy dress, wear something fun and unique like a blue or green that coordinates with jewelry or matches eye makeup to modernize the look.

prom nails for pink & peach prom dresses

# Jewel-toned Dresses

For jewel toned dresses (emerald, purple, sapphire), metallic hues that play into the dress work really well. Don't match the color exactly but try a color that is a little darker with a shine to match.

prom nails for jewel-toned dresses

# Metallic Prom Dresses

Complement a gold metallic dress with a metallic gold shade. With a silver dress, a blingy silver shade that's multi-tonal is good choice!

prom nail art for metallic prom dresses

Prom Nail Ideas for a Perfect Prom Manicure

Here are some tips for you to keep in mind while you do prom manicure:

  • Practice prom manicure a few weeks before the prom so that it makes you a bit perfect at the right time.
  • It would be better if you ask your friend to do a prom manicure that day before your party.
  • You can use gemstones as they add more beauty to the prom nails. Use them sparingly as they can pop off very easily.
  • If you have the idea of doing the prom nails the same day of the party, you better do them in the morning. This is just to help your nails from ruining.
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