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23 Jan
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6 Elegant Trendy Plus Size Prom Wear for Teen Girls

As we all said, Prom Season, being a big deal for every girl, is probably the most elaborate and most anticipated event. As a plus size girl, at prom, you also can be the star of prom night. Here are some elegant trendy prom dresses for plus size girls flatter every figure at the prom night.

Trendy Plus Size Prom Dresses for Prom

Trend #1: Little Black Dress

Little black dress is a beautiful plus size outfit for young ladies which is not only sexy in look but also is stylish. A sweet little black dress, complete with a tulle-lined circle skirt and strapless corset bodice, gets a touch of trendiness with the shiny expose size zipper. Little black dress is super stylish and super sexy dress for teens which always reflects its wearer personality as a super sexy teenage girl.

Sweet Little Black Plus Size Dress For Prom

Trend #2: Tulle Ball Gown Prom Dress

Tulle ball gown prom dress is a traditional prom outfit which can make you to feel like a princess. This is a perfect gown for young girls who want to have a distinct look. This is a trendy prom wear which highlights sense of style for different celebrations.

Vintage Ball Gown Sweetheart Beading Sleeveless Floor-length Net Prom Dresses

Trend #3: Prom Dress With Ruffles

Ruffles are another add-on to the gown which will hide your problem areas. Wherever you feel that your heavy body parts are looking unattractive, you can add a trim of ruffles to add a little and cover the unattractive area. Make sure you do not go for something really short. If you have heavy legs, then it will be hidden under the fabric as it is floor length. Remember that heavy legs do not have to be shown off as it might get a little distasteful. All this kept in mind will make you look trimmer and beautiful. Make sure you choose dark colors to look slim.

Plus Size Ruffle One Shoulder Prom Dress

Trend #4: Sexy Prom Dress with a Belt

This is also a wonderful gown for teen girls for those who want to look different and a few pounds less. Go for a prom dress that fits you well – something like a short body hugging dress and pair it up with a belt on the waist. Make sure the dress fits you snuggly around your waist so that you can wear the belt and creates an illusion of a smaller waist. Go for tea-length dresses or straight-cut dresses as that will make you look slimmer. As for the sleeves, you can always go a full sleeves dress. Full sleeves are very much in style these days if you pair it up with right accessories and shoes. You will see a lot of women wearing full sleeves dresses these days. So, go for a dress with a belt as that will look really fashionable.

A-line Strapless Beading Sleeveless Floor-length Organza Prom Dresses

Trend #5: Knee-Length Prom Dresses

You need to understand your body in order to look good. Girls who have a fuller figure may look short than a skinny girl. You should wear knee-length dresses in order to look a little taller. If you have got the legs, then show it off girls! There is no harm in showing off your assets. You can always pair up your knee length prom dress with a nice pair of heels which will be comfy as well as sexy. As for the sleeves, you can go sleeveless if you do not have sagging arms.This will help you to hide your heavy arms and will also add grace to your prom dress. Always choose dark colors because that will make you look slimmer. Colors such as black and deep blue are always a hit among plus size girls.

v neckline sleeve knee length plus size prom dress

Trend #6: Empire Waist Prom Dresses

The A-line dresses too are popular as they are similar to an empire waist and are tailor-made to hide the belly area. So, if you have a protruding belly you might as well go for an empire waist prom dress. The whole idea of it is be tight on the bust area and then flowing from there on which gives a very elegant look.

A-line One Shoulder Beading Sleeveless Floor-length Organza Prom Dresses

These are the trendy plus size dresses for prom which highlight sense of style and delivers charm to the occasion. Make sure you carry a pretty smile and lots of confidence. Its prom night, girls – it is YOUR day. Have fun!

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11 Jan
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How to Choose Prom Corsage And Boutonniere Accessories

It’s time for PROM again! Time to find stunning prom dresses, sparkly jewelry, the perfect shoes and, of course, the right corsages and boutonnieres to bring it all together! Prom comes with some particular preparations for guys and girls. The blog concentrates on how to choose prom corsages and boutonniere, the final touch for your prom night.

Prom Corsage And Boutonniere Accessories

# Roses

Choose roses is smart, roses come in three varieties. Hybrid tea roses, the classic rose in florist shops, are uniformly shaped. Garden roses have wonderful scents and bushy, old-fashioned blossoms. Spray roses, with five or more heads per stem, have a homegrown look. Roses offer a range of color choices, one of which is sure to match the couple's outfits.

# Orchids

The orchid is an elegant, sophisticated floral option, one a teen can feel confident selecting regardless of prom ball trends. Just one orchid may be enough to make a bold floral statement. Consider the cymbidium or cattelya orchid for prom, varieties that tend to produce larger flowers.

# Carnations

Traditional and affordable, carnations come in many colors. Some carnations are a solid color, while others are bi-colored, often white with colored petal edges. These strongly fragrant flowers are a popular prom choice. As a long-lasting cut flower, carnations wear well for hours.

Pink Corsage and Boutonniere Prom

# Sweet Peas

With thin stems and frilly flowers, sweet peas add a classic, romantic look to prom attire. The sweet pea is also a good prom choice because it is in season right around prom time and lasts well as a cut flower. The sweet pea's single, double or semi-double blossoms come in a range of colors, including red, pink, lavender, navy and white. Sweet peas may be a solid color or bi-colored.

# Tulips

A happy, spring flower, the tulip comes in both vibrant and pastel colors, as well as ivory and white. The common tulip is versatile and works well with both very formal and more casual prom attire. A single-tulip boutonniere looks both smart and simple.


  1. Discuss with your date the basic colors you both plan to wear to the prom. A prom dress may be one solid color, or it may contain several hues. Determine the predominant color and work from there.
  2. If your date is female, ask whether she prefers a wrist or pin-on corsage. All male boutonnieres should be worn pinned to the lapel.
  3. Prom wrist corsage and boutonniereDetermine whether your date has any favorite flowers that should be incorporated into the arrangement.
  4. Call local florists to gauge prices and to get a sense of flower varieties, colors and costs. Order the flower arrangement at least two weeks before the dance.
  5. Pick up the flowers the day before, or the day of, the prom to insure maximum freshness and perkiness.

Tips & Warnings:

  • Corsages can be made of any flower in any color, but they usually feature carnations or roses. You'll want to match the flowers and the ribbon to the color of your date's dress. If you're not sure what will match, ask your florist for advice, or choose white.
  • If your date's dress has sleeves or straps, you'll be able to pin a corsage to it. If it's strapless, you'll be better off with a wrist corsage.
  • Your corsage can be simple or ornamented with background greens and flowers, such as a small fern sprig. Take your date’s personal style into consideration when choosing a corsage.
  • Take care to avoid purchasing an oversized or gaudy corsage & boutonniere simply to make a statement. Keep the flower arrangement simple and elegant.

So remember: Whatever style you choose for 2013 Prom season, your prom corsage should be as dazzling as you are! Also, for best (and most stylish) results, go with your date to pick out your corsage.

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How to Dress on a Prom Ball? (High School Standards)

By the influence of the star's dress up, the campus party prom dresses become more and more broadness, in order to avoid let the tearful girls refused on the big night, many middle school established dress standards, and made ​​public in advance.

This kind of coral dress, upper body decorated with small beads, is long enough and accepted by the majority of high school. This dress is on hot sale at with the price of $169.

small round pearl decoration full coral dress

Prom dress styles have gotten increasingly broadness in recent years, a trend precipitated by celebrities. This popular style is similar to dresses the actress Angelina Jolie wore at this year's Oscars.

Silver Sequin Prom Gown

Some high school published the dress standards before prom, usually with pictures to explain. The principal of Cedartown High School in Georgia made a poster stating an acceptable dress list to the school. All the dresses beyond this list will be rejected.

high school prom dressing standard for students

Some high schools release elaborate PowerPoint with annotated images. Such as this one from Texas Sunnyvale high school, it shows the largest back-skin bareness should be.

high school unacceptable prom dresses

This strapless dress with a high-low hemline is one of the most popular styles at But its short dress hemline and deep-v neckline does not comply with the most school standards.

strapless dress with a high-low hemline

Some prom dresses can be accepted by school depending on the girl's body figure. This kind of prom dress with metal sequins is also the high-low style at Merle™ Dress. This dress ($129) may be approved by most schools cos' the length between hemline an knee is no more than three inches (7.6 cm).

red prom dress

It is a big problem on how to make the dress standards. The following dress is also popular at Both the front & back is long enough, but many schools still forbid it because of hollowed-out design for the chest.

sexy prom dresses

Some standards made by high schools before has been forced to change due to the growing popularity of short dresses. They have to remake the measurement between hemline and knee. The following is one of the best-selling short prom dresses for girls ($169).

short prom dress for students

For its back and side full-cover design, this kind of one-shoulder prom dress is accepted & recommended by most high schools. The present price of this dress at is $169 with free shipping.

one shoulder prom dress

All the dresses above are in 2013 new styles & new model at Please contact [email protected] to get more detailed information (attaching this blog post link to inquiry).

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5 Nov

Stylish Spring Prom Dresses 2013 Collections

When Spring 2013 comes, prom dress 2013 have been prepared at all. 2013 spring prom dress, they came with different style and touch. Most of them, they have candy-colored day dressing, girlie texture and ruffles. But not only that spring prom dress 2013 also have beautiful prom dresses with 60's style inspired, floaty, feminine confections finished in tulle and organza that have since inspired our dreams of the most glamorous, retro-feeling prom dresses. You just get inspired by them and buy of them maybe. And here are the summary :

floral printed prom dressstrapless flower print prom dress 2013Strapless Sweetheart Printed Chiffon Long Prom Dresses
Printed spring prom dresses 2013

Print dress is a wardrobe must to almost every girl. Because it is so feminine, absolutely classic. However, in this season, you can expect to see more sophisticated graphic print on prom dresses. Designers offers larger prints in bright neon colors, black and white, of course, the traditional pastel print. Take floral print as example, it can be easily feeling, if you want the right clothing. Try to use more stringent accent pieces, such as vintage jewelry, to create a stylish look. If this style is not your favorite, you may still need to create a girly look effortlessly by picking up prom dresses in tiny prints.

Empire One Shoulder Chiffon Long Prom DressesStylish Sheath Column V-neck Paillette Floor-length Chiffon DressesA-line Strapless Lace Sleeveless Floor-length Tulle Prom Dresses
White spring prom dresses 2013

White is undoubtedly a big trend in spring although most of us would go for it in summer. From the red carpet look celebrity street style this season, we can see the white dress everywhere. This means that it can be challenging white film, mesh, or even difficult to pull the appearance did not like you are attending a party. However, in addition to the right accessories, it can be very easy to make white clothes look super stylish for any occasion. Dressed in white, in addition to the brightly-colored accessories, basic black perfect to give you a suggestion to create a contrast in addition to make your look more formal and flattery.

Sheath Column Strapless Lace Sleeveless Floor-length Elastic Woven Satin Prom Dresses Evening DressesA-line Strapless Lace Sleeveless Floor-length Tulle Prom DressesElegant Sheath Column Sweetheart Lace Sleeveless Floor-length Chiffon Dresses
Lace spring prom dresses 2013

Lace dress is perfect frivolous women a ball a little bit proud of and show off to go to a sweet date with that special someone. Out from this season's boudoir style popular lace has appeared everywhere from shoes to clothes! This spring, lace trend, but the state-of-the-art, fully digital flattering and sexy. Accent pieces such as lace-covered shoes and jewelry, or with lace texture of clothing, will give you a taste of the trend.

Sleeves Elastic Woven Satin Jacket Wedding Wrapamazing shawls prom dress for 2013charming prom dress with shawl
Temperament shawl prom 2013

From winter to the spring, in this small cool weather, still can hold concurrently warm effect. A little suit, little jacket, shawl can also play in the prom dress shape, it's part of the embellishment can make your prom dress look more attractive. Waist cut lace long-sleeved jacket with slim material is satin prom dress, shaping long and straight body lines, or light chiffon quality fold blouses with waist plate skirt, highlighting the slender waistline. Warm your beautiful.

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