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29 Nov
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Funny & Cute Santa Babies Picture Collections

There's only one thing cute than babies, and that's Santa babies! Christmas is a good time to take photos for your santa babies. Maybe is just a moment you can see your santa baby's funny photo. Let's see the moment that different santa babies's expression.

The Sleeping Santa Baby

The Sleeping Santa Babies

Beautiful Santa's hat on the sleeping baby head, and you will find your Santa baby is so lovely and interesting.

The Cranky Santa Baby

The Cranky Santa Babies

There are babies who are smarter than adults and then there are babies who are already more cranky than adults. They will make some strange expression to you. They're not going to try to be cute for your photo.

The Perky Santa Baby

Perky Santa Babies

Babies are an adorable perky. If you put they on bed, sofa,or even on the floor, they would be very excited, it would be less adorable and more annoying. The cheeks are its only saving grace.

The Awkward Santa Baby

The Awkward Santa Babies

An awkward baby in a Santa suit. It's cool. Sometimes, baby don't even know if the person holding he is mommy or other strangers. So when adult put baby in santa costume and prop up against a spacey white background, they will feel afraid or even cry. It is a good idea to remember this moment.

The Jolly Santa Baby

The Jolly Santa Babies

Baby is thrilled to even be associated with Santa. Baby is cuter than a monkey riding on a dog's back. This baby brings hope back to the holiday season. This baby is a holiday miracle. In essence, this baby is Santa Claus. So merry Christmas with your jolly santa baby.

The Cute Santa Baby

The Cute Santa Babies Picture

Baby always very cute, besides, santa baby is the most cutest. Parents want to remembered this special moment with their babies, so take a cute photos to their babies is a good choice.

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