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16 Jan

The Next 2013 Bridal Shoes Trends

Most wedding shoes were white or ivory satin pumps with little to no sparkle or embellishment. Now, let's look at the bridal shoes trends in 2013. They're looking for styles that are semi-traditional, which adds a funky details or bold colors. Take a look at these kinds of bridal shoes and you will be well aware that nowadays many brides are going bold with shoe colors, paints or embellishments.

barefoot bride

Trend #1: Wedding shoes with feather

Feather shoes was the hottest trend for bridal shoes in 2013 and still is favourite for wedding shoes. You would be beyond happy if you’re a fan of feather. Lately feathers have become a super trend in bridal fashion world, especially wedding heels. With a wide range of beautiful feathers. A soft fur always add a little romantic and wonderful to your outlook. An unique way to incorporate into your wedding ensemble with a pair of shoes with feather is the feather on your bouquet or tiara. Let feathers be the perfect finishing touch to your final look for a charming detail, an angel touches.

Wedding shoes with feather

Trend #2: Printed wedding shoes

The classy trend for bridal shoes is printed and patterned shoes. With animal prints rule all the catwalk, it won’t come at a surprise to possess such a pair for your big day. You will definitely have an unforgettable moments with them.

printed and patterned shoes

Trend #3: Go mint

The magic word is "romance" for 2013. Mint is absolutely the biggest color trend this year. Cool off your summer by adding mint to the whole picture. This pastel color shoes will work well with any color of your outfit or your decoration. Be soft and girly in your big day, sometimes you’ll realize that you don’t need bold colors to be prominent.

Romance Mint Bridal shoes

Trend #4: Pink wedding heels

Brides need to choose something else besides those traditional white or ivory shoes. Wearing pink wedding shoes is one of best ways add a fabulous and positive unique touch to the appearance as they are going to get noticed, especially bright pink. There are different shades of pink from light pink to darker shades of fuchsia which will satisfy you and this makes the reason why it is perfect for women who appreciate the beauty of the color. The color are assumed to embody the characteristics of being cool, trendy and fun that make you can actually feel special with a pair of pink wedding heels.

Pink wedding bridal heels

Trend #5: Handmade decorative wedding shoes

These are decorated using vintage lace which is the most attractive part of these shoes. Imagine you wear a pair of careful handmade decorative wedding heels in your big day, it’s just perfect. With the new 2013 bridal shoes trend are offered in the gallery of bridal shoes or embellishments pinned on peep toe wedding heels make their appearance on many catwalks, you will land on the decorative bridal shoes world just in time. You may have your wedding heels painted, dyed in several colors, added in laces or crystal, etc…, plenty ways to celebrate your party in a glamorous way.

Handmade lace, embellishments decorative wedding shoes

Trend #6: Bold Coloured Bridal Shoes

For 2013 bold coloured bridal shoes are a big hit, trying coloured shoes matching the theme of the wedding gives a gorgeous look to the bridal outfit. See for yourself. (You might also be intrerested in Hottest Colored Shoes for Short White Wedding Dress)

Bold Coloured Bridal Shoes

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