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30 Dec
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Top 10 China Honeymoon Destinations Tours

With great flexibility to design and create unforgettable honeymoon tours to China you can have a most romantic, passions, fairyland, original and unforgettable experience to couples in love. A China honeymoon journey, a good start of the happy marriage. So, get ready to experience the exotic honeymoon vacation in China, and create the most cherished experience in your lifelong memory.

China offers wide selections for romantic honeymoon holidays, with splendid culture, lovely beaches, fabulous river cruises, adventures in wild areas, tasty food and other fun activities throughout the country. Let's bring you a unique and memorable honeymoon tour in China!

# 1 Lijiang, Yunnan

Lijiang is the only fairyland on earth which has a history of 800 years. It's one of the world's culture heritages. Tourists from all over the world walk on the streets everyday. All kinds of commodities that full of ethnic customs can be found on the street. You'll never be tired of this living tempo.

Honeymoon Place - Lijiang, China

# 2 Xitang, Zhejiang

Xitang is an ancient town in the north of Jiashan County. It has a peaceful and beautiful environment, with flat terrain and netted rivers. It features huge area and a large number of bridges, lanes, and ceilinged corridors.

China Honeymoon Place Xitang Ancient Town

# 3 Zhalong, Heilongjiang

Zhalong, famous for its marshes, is located 27 kilometers south of Qiqihar in Heilongjiang. Every March is the best time to enjoy your honeymoon here as all kinds of cranes come back here from south.

China Honeymoon Destinations Zhalong Red-crowned Crane

# 4 Baiyangdian, Hebei

Come to Baiyangdian for your honeymoon travel. There are large areas of the lake, lotus and reed here. Walking in the reed marshes, strolling among the lotus, swaying in the small wooden boat would after all became a beautiful and memorable experience in your life.

China Baiyangdian Honeymoon Travel

# 5 Conch Gully, Sichuan

In addition to the beautiful mountains and rivers, newly- married people can visit the glaciers of 10,000 years and Jin Shan Ling in the Sunshine here. Moreover, you are not supposed to miss the open-air hot spring with Tibetan style. What a paradise!

Conch Gully - Beautiful Mountains And Rivers

# 6 Gulangyu, Xiamen

Also known as "Drum Wave Islet," this island off the coast of Xiamen is only around two kilometers in area. Gulangyu Island is renowned for its delicate natural beauty, its ancient relics, and its varied architecture. Breathing the clean air, appreciating the ever-present green trees and lovely flowers, anyone here can feel like they are in heaven. Spend your honeymoon here and your mind will become pure and peaceful.

Honeymoon Destination Gulangyu

# 7 Dali, Yunnan

Dali is a little city with a few straight streets out of which the wide shopping street with old houses is the only really beautiful street. This street is crossed by a western street full of souvenir shops and stalls and western restaurants, pubs and cafes with espresso, Guinness and Irish coffee and ambient music. Romance with a mix of Chinese and western styles make you forget the outside world.

Honeymoon Destination Dali

# 8 Yabuli Ski Resort, Harbin

Yabuli Ski Resort is China's largest ski area. You may not be able to skis as good as a big player, but you will get inspiration after several tumbles. Love should advance with setbacks in the fall.

Yabuli Ski Resort

# 9 Yalong bay, Sanya

Yalong Bay boasts the five essential elements of modern tourism: sea, sands, sunshine, lush green plants and fresh air. This bay embraces the unique and unparalleled natural settings, sands, crystal sea water, endless seashore, unspoiled hills and pristine vegetation, making it a paradise for honeymoon.

China Honeymoon Yalong bay, Sanya

# 10 Barkhor Street, Lhasa

Barkhor Street is a place full of religious atmosphere and a world of exotic articles. Go to the Jokhang Temple, pledge before Buddha and light up a long love ever-burning lamp. Love is in blessing here.

Barkhor Street, Lhasa

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