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22 Nov
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Twilight Breaking Dawn: Bella and Edward Wedding Ceremony

The Twilight Breaking Dawn wedding was a beautiful, elegant, romantic wedding with traditional details and a vintage, gothic feel. Are you want to plan your wedding around like Twilight theme. Let's aftertaste Bella and edward wedding ceremony.

Twilight Breaking Dawn Wedding

Twilight Wedding Invitations

This piece of invitation card design derive Bella and Edward's trait: in a dark elegant foil below show strong exaggerated feeling. Invitation card production combined with a variety of printing techniques and the application of material, makes it appear already heavy and complicated and bring out the best in each other, Just like the relationship between Edward and Bella. The mass-tone attune of the invitation symbolize the chemistry between them: red represents passion and is to the vampire a salute, Strong coffee symbol mysterious and golden represents the luxury and elegant. Their relationship is so different, their wedding invitation card must also be very special to deserve them!

The Wedding Rings

If you don't already have your wedding rings picked out. You can get these rings just like Edward and Bella's! Bella's engagement ring was revealed in Eclipse, it used to be Edward's mother's. It is a beautiful white gold ring with an oval diamond encrusted setting. In the Breaking Dawn wedding, Bella switches her engagement ring to her right hand, while on her left hand she wears a simple platinum band that matches Edward's.

Bride Dress

Bella's dress was the most trendy wedding dresses of the year. The actual dress captured that traditional, classic look with a modern, romantic edge to reflect Bella's personality. It was designed by Carolina Herrera! The white sheath wedding dress was made of a crepe satin with a French Chantilly lace-embellished back. The dress has a chapel train which has a loop that Bella slips around her wrist at the reception. It was classic and romantic. The lace-embellished sheer back is so sexy and feminine without going overboard. It would definitely pin this dress to many girls "dream board." do you think so?

Bella's Hairstyle, Veil and Makeup

Bella's hairstyle for her wedding in Breaking Dawn includes an intricate braid and a chic loose bun. Bella wore a very simple (although probably very expensive) cathedral veil. It flows all the way down to the floor and adds a feminine, romantic touch to her look. Her makeup is very earthy and natural.

Bridesmaids & Grooms

At the wedding of Edward and Bella, the Cullen family come up with black suit and white tie for the male while the women wore gowns of various style with a touch of purple either in material or sash. Gorgeous!

Bella and Edward, Cullen family,wedding cake, bella's shoes,jewelry

Bella's Wedding Shoes

Bella's wedding shoes in Breaking Dawn were custom made by Manolo Blahnik! The "Swan" white satin pumps are embellished with a sparkly crystal vine applique angled across vamp and outer side. Made in Italy. Retails for $1,295.

Bella's Gorgeous Hand Tied Fresh Flower Bouquet

Bella carried a simple yet elegant hand tied bouquet that consisted of beautiful ivory flowers. It contained hyacinths, freesia, stocks and ranunculus. The freesia flower is always associated with Bella even in the books. It is often said that Bella smells like white lavender, freesia and strawberries.

Edward's Tuxedo

Edward's tuxedo in Breaking Dawn was custom made by the fine Italian tailors at Brioni. The tuxedo is black and of course since Edward is super traditional it has a tailcoat! (Only Edward could pull it off!) It's accompanied by a crisp white shirt and a matching creamy white vest, bow tie and pocket square. The tuxedo has all the traditional Edwardian details but doesn't feel dated or old, it still has a breath of fresh air to it that charmingly embodies Edward's timeless youth.

Reception and Gorgeous Flowers

True to the Cullen's style, the reception for Edward and Bella's wedding was very lavish and decorated in shades of grays, purples and whites. The ceremony and reception were held outside the Cullen home. Cherry blossoms, freesia and white lavender to set the romantic tone. There were 160,000 long strings of wisteria 40-50 feet in length that cascaded down from the trees.

  • The aisle was lined with arrangements consisting of delphiniums, sweet pea, viburnum, ranunculus, Australian ferns and moss.
  • The gorgeous centerpieces were made up of delphiniums, sweet pea, viburnum, ranunculus, and Australian ferns all blended with moss and featured manzanita branch-like candelabras.
  • The flowers, centerpieces, and arrangements blended in with the nearby forest, creating an illusion of nature and magic and wonder.

Wedding Cake

Edward and Bella's wedding cake is a round, white 5 tier confection with fondant pearls around the base of each layer and white and green flower blossoms cascading down the side and on the base.Tying in to the wondrous nature of the forest theme, the base of the cake was set up for display on a tree stump.

Twilight Wedding Reception and Gorgeous Flowers

Breaking Dawn Wedding Music

The song chosen to be Edward and Bella's wedding song was none other than a "wedding version" of Iron & Wine's "Flightless Bird, American Mouth!" As most of you Twi-hards out there probably know, that song was playing when Edward and Bella had their first dance at the prom! This is a more perfect song, very romantic.

Twilight Wedding Vows:

Edward: I, Edward Cullen, take you Bella Swan,to have and to hold

Bella: For better or for worse

Edward: For richer, for poorer

Bella: In sickness and in health,

Edward: To love

Bella: And to cherish…as long as we both shall live.

Edward: I do

Bella: I do

Edward: I love you

Bella: I love you too


Edward and Bella's honeymoon is divine and lavish. Alice helps Edward plan the honeymoon without Bella having even the slightest clue where they are going! Alice even packs all of Bella's suitcases so she won't see the outfits and guess where they're going.

The honeymoon destination is far, far away in an island off of Brazil. An island given to isle Esme as a gift from Carlisle. There is a huge, and huge house in Isle Esme where Edward and Bella stay, a house with glass walls and doors, with gorgeous furniture, flowers and the big white canopy bed!

Bella and Edward Honeymoon destination isle Esme
Our Merledress website can custom made the Bella's wedding dresses! Welcome to custom!

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